Mindful Co-Parenting Series, Part 1: Accepting What Is

Welcome to a change of scenery here at High Road Divorce.  I’ve been thinking about co-parenting a lot over the years … [Read More...]

Should You Keep The House?

Today, a post with some things to consider about the family home.  It’s still common in the part of the country in … [Read More...]


The Day I Could Not Make it Down the Stairs or Why I’m So Wise (sometimes)

Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.  Robert Gary Lee   The Day I Could Not Make it Down the … [Read More...]

What Divorce Lawyers Do Wrong

Today, something a little different. Usually, I’m talking to people who are contemplating or in the midst of … [Read More...]


Take Down the Walls

So within this wonderful post written by my friend Heather Hightower, is this quote "I can’t develop thick skin. I … [Read More...]


Divorce, Money, and Chocolate . . .a new beginning in your financial life.

I've got fabulous & hopeful news for you today! But first a couple questions...  Does money stress you out, … [Read More...]


Is divorce “bad?”

We like to label things. Either things are “good” or “bad.” Marriage? Good Divorce? Bad. Or . . … [Read More...]


Did you just find out your spouse is cheating?

First, I’m so sorry. Second:  Here is what you need to do right now:   Nothing. Do not make any big decisions. … [Read More...]


Divorce & Happiness in the same sentence? Are you kidding me, Kimberly?

What do you most want to feel after the dust settles from your divorce? Peace? Contentment? How about happiness? What … [Read More...]


Divorce & A Blanket of Peace

I have a particular conversation with almost every new divorce client. The same conversation, over and over. It’s … [Read More...]

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